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Posted by: on May 23, 2022

Exposing Truth to Expel Ignorance

The second module of the 2022 Diploma in Artificial Intelligence for Business kicked off spectacularly. A computer-generated move in game two of the famous showdown between the AI-driven AlphaGo player and the world Go champion, Lee Sedol (March 2016), shocked the fans of the 3000-year-old game. Now known as ‘move 37’, it is described as […]

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Posted by: on May 13, 2022

Oxford Executive Diploma – Great Decisions and Wicked Regrets

Sitting in my ergonomically incorrect office chair, reading my Strategic Mindset coursework, a crushing sense of regret pressed in on me. I did not regret returning to school after a decade and a half away. Nor for choosing to do so with one of the most reputable, globally diverse programmes. Both of those decisions had […]

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Posted by: on May 13, 2022

Describing the indescribable

Describing the indescribable is a daunting task, but herein I will attempt to do so. The Executive Diploma in Organisational Leadership enables you to access and connect with brilliant and creative thought leaders, acquire new learnings, to be creative and to ‘think differently’. The professors and executive diploma peers alike, relish challenging current and popular […]

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Posted by: on May 10, 2022

My diploma experience: A fantastic and magical journey

This blog will interest many executives and senior managers who, after several years of successful career progression, have the ambition to advance their knowledge, leave their comfort zone and are excited to put on their ‘student shoes’ once again.  Equally, if you are interested in artificial intelligence (AI) and eager to understand how it works […]

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Posted by: on April 12, 2022

Suddenly the world feels much smaller

When I first received the invitation to write about my experience in Oxford, as a Director’s Award Scholar, I was very surprised and overwhelmed. There were so many things I could write about and mentioning only a few of them would do injustice to the others. The opportunity to pursue my postgraduate studies at the […]

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Posted by: on March 25, 2022

Transformational, energising and inspirational: my experience studying the Diplo...

My journey with Saïd Business School began one autumnal evening in 2014 when I visited the School to attend an Executive Diplomas Open Evening. Listening to the academics animatedly discussing the programme, the alumni sharing their own experiences and what they had gone on to achieve, I knew there was a place for me there. […]

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Posted by: on March 19, 2022

Completing module two: my initial reactions

I write this short blog literally a few hours after completing module two, Risk and Reputation, on the outstanding Executive Diploma in Global Business programme. It has been quite a week that started early on Tuesday 15th March and concluded today on Saturday 19th March. Reflecting on my experience on the diploma programme so far, […]

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Posted by: on March 18, 2022

Everything Starts with a Question

With almost three weeks and 4,000 miles between me and module one of the 2022 Executive Diploma in Artificial Intelligence for Business experience, I have been thinking a lot about our learnings and interactions. I was impressed with the international diversity of the cohort coming from 16 different countries representing both the private and public […]

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Posted by: on March 7, 2022

From access to justice to Global Business: experiencing a new mindset in Oxford!

Why would a lawyer, who spent most of his career working either in the public sector or third sector, apply to the Executive Diploma in Global Business at the University of Oxford? For someone who spent half of his career promoting human rights, access to justice and the rule of law in developing countries, with […]

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Posted by: on February 28, 2022

Five insights from a new student of the Diploma in Global Business

In April 2021, my partner and I visited Oxford for the first time, just a month after moving to the UK. At that point, I had been considering going back to school for a few years, inspired by my sister completing her CPA and seeing some of my colleagues pursuing various academic designations. Working in one […]

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