Toby Velte


Diploma in Artificial Intelligence for Business


United States


Technology and Commmunication



Toby is an entrepreneur focused on bringing AI-based solutions to help reinvent industries such as agriculture, medical devices, and professional sports. Previously, he spent 15 years working for Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. He has published over a dozen best-selling books on technology and business. Dr. Velte obtained his B.A. in Psychology and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from the University of Minnesota and then completed his post-doctoral training at Harvard University. He earned his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management in 2021 and is presently part of the AI for...

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Posted by: on May 23, 2022

Exposing Truth to Expel Ignorance

The second module of the 2022 Diploma in Artificial Intelligence for Business kicked off spectacularly. A computer-generated move in game two of the famous showdown between the AI-driven AlphaGo player and the world Go champion, Lee Sedol (March 2016), shocked the fans of the 3000-year-old game. Now known as ‘move 37’, it is described as […]

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Posted by: on March 18, 2022

Everything Starts with a Question

With almost three weeks and 4,000 miles between me and module one of the 2022 Executive Diploma in Artificial Intelligence for Business experience, I have been thinking a lot about our learnings and interactions. I was impressed with the international diversity of the cohort coming from 16 different countries representing both the private and public […]

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