Ricky Singh


Diploma in Strategy and Innovation


United Kingdom


Financial services



Ricky is an International Product Leader in the Payments industry with 15+ years experience in Financial Services and management consulting. Ricky’s three passions are strategy, dynamic capabilities, and entrepreneurship: modern product management methods such as continuous innovation, customer development, and ‘build-measure-learn’ cycles. He currently spends most of his time thinking about the ‘Future of Work’ and Business Model innovation.

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Posted by: on October 15, 2020

It’s not hard. It’s simple. And that’s why it’s hard.

How one might prepare for, participate in, and use the Diploma in the real world: What is it like to study Strategy & Innovation at SBS? What did I get out of it? Was it worth it? “I want you leaving awake and with new ideas in your field” said Teppo Felin, the engaging programme […]

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