Lauren Durrani


Diploma in Organisational Leadership




Technology and Commmunication



Lauren Durrani is a CEO of IT export company in Sydney, Australia with an extensive knowledge of the industry. Highly networked and having a command in international sales. Core strength is leading change management in organisations. Previously a Banker where mastered the art in client management and customer centricity. Born in Pakistan and raised everywhere knowing four languages and finds pride in being a cosmopolitan. Studied BBHM at Southern Cross University, Postgrad in Applied Finance at Macquarie University Sydney.

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Posted by: on July 27, 2016

Reflecting Back

Everyone in the room, starting to wrap up their laptops, folder, packing bags, rushing towards the exit doors, waving goodbyes walking out of Oxford Saïd and off to their destinations. Only when the lights turned off, is when I realised how precious these days were that shaped module 3.  Every 6th week getting ready, packing bags, […]

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