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“I feel privileged to have been able to attend to Oxford programs – the Advanced Management and Leadership Program, and the Diploma in Strategy and Innovation – and would recommend both highly to anyone interested in furthering their career, broadening their horizons, or in personal growth.  Said Business School has quickly grown to be one of the top in the world, and you won’t find a more historic or reflective setting, nor a more engaged set of faculty and lecturers, than at Oxford.”

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Posted by: on October 9, 2015

Oxford is a special place

I left Oxford yesterday with mixed feelings: relief that my coursework and examinations for my graduate Diploma in Strategy and Innovation (DipSI) had finished, and all that remained were a paper for this session’s content and a larger overall term paper; gratefulness and sadness, respectively, that my cohort had gelled so well but that I […]

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Posted by: on March 17, 2015

Three weeks last summer….

Last year I attended the Said Business School’s Advanced Management and Leadership Program (OAMLP).  The course was a three week residential program (at Egrove Park, not the main business school) that did three things: refreshed and updated my business skills (broad highlights of MBA subjects); assessed my leadership style (via 360 degree feedback, plus some […]

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