Ayesha Mahwish


Diploma in Financial Strategy


United Arab Emirates





I am a business improvement and transformation specialist currently working within the Aviation Sector in the Middle East. Having completed my ACCA and Bachelors in the field of Accounting and Finance it was my curiosity and intrinsic motivation to be challenged that lead me to signing up for Dip FS. It is with this drive to succeed that I have always tried to fulfill my ambition with a truly questioning mind and an aim to solve classic organizational problems.

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Posted by: on April 11, 2018

Thoughtful Reflections – Module 1

While knocking away letters on my laptop seated on the upper deck of this A380 aircraft bound towards Abu Dhabi, it is very easy to loose sense of time. My flow is interrupted and I am asked to switch off my laptop and mobile device in preparation for take-off. It is now that I have […]

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