Angie Lang



A graduate of the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Medical Radiation Technology, Bachelor of Dental Surgery and Master of Health Law.

Combining professional dental practice with appointments to the Dental Council of NSW, Dental Tribunal and as Clinical Advisory Board member of a dental corporate, interests extend to entrepreneurial endeavours.

Founding a start up beverage company in 2017, and launching the flagship product, Swirlit, the decision to study at the Said Business School for a Diploma in Strategy and Innovation was made to...

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Posted by: on April 30, 2018

Tradition and Innovation: How the Two Can Coexist

“That’s how we do things around here”. “We’ve always done things this way”. I have heard these statements many times. There were times when it was okay to resist change. We don’t live in those times. There are societies, companies and organisations that were built on maintaining the status quo. Families started businesses that they […]

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