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By Leyla Mammadova

The life-altering program: Be ready to grow not only professionally but also personally

I can describe my time at Saïd Business School to be extremely engaging as I was involved in the learning process that helps me in acquiring new skills in close collaboration with students from other countries. Despite the challenges that Covid-19 has created for all the areas of our lives, I was able to enjoy the diverse environment while studying in the programme.

Juggling full-time work, education and duties as a parent can be overwhelming. However, the combination of taught modules and assignments also helped me to grow personally through the improvement of organizational skills which is the beauty of this programme.

Additionally, the Oxford Postgraduate Diploma in Strategy and Innovation encouraged me to become more self-directed as the course included a lot of independent readings and analysis. Moreover, the content of the course includes seminars by respected academicians and discussions with students who are accomplished professionals in various fields.

During the pandemic, when we were not able to communicate or reach out to other parts of the world, I was able to enlarge my network and connect with professionals from the UK, Canada, Malaysia, Kenya, Lebanon and other countries. I was able to take part in discussing strategy and innovation applied in various sectors and countries. This exchange of the experience and thoughts was the most valuable contribution to my business acumen and overall outlook.


Throughout the programme, I was impressed by the support of the academic staff. Starting from the beginning, we were encouraged to share our thoughts and guided to use critical thinking. The method of education offered by Saïd Business School is a unique approach in growing the leaders of the future as it involves in-depth analysis, academic argumentation and research methods through sharing the knowledge of all the class. This approach is so sustainable that even going through a merciless pandemic that disrupted the whole world, the programme positively impacted the lives of many professionals across the globe.

Benevolent programme managers were also helpful in guiding me through the education programme. I am also thankful for the school’s merit-based scholarship which was a huge contribution to my education as it helped me in affording such a versatile and valuable professional programme.

I am grateful to Saïd Business School for providing a professional and friendly environment that helped me to grow during the past year and opened new horizons for my future career growth. For the upcoming years, I do hope that many students from Azerbaijan, especially female students will enrol in this program to develop further as Saïd Business School will bring the best out of them.

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