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Diploma in Artificial Intelligence for Business

By Kate Richards

Bringing diploma students together

This week is a busy one for diploma programmes, with three separate modules all taking place, two for the Diploma in Strategy and Innovation, and one for the Diploma in Artificial Intelligence for Business.

Although lots of students are still joining us virtually, the gradual easing of travel and quarantine restrictions means we have also seen more than 50 students joining us at Park End Street.

It has been great to see how excited they are to be on site, and to be able to meet each other for the first time. For some students, this is their final module, making it particularly special that they have been able to attend in person.

To take advantage of having lots of diploma students joining us at the same time, either as a ‘roomie’, or a ‘zoomie’, we took the opportunity to run an hour’s evening networking session.

This meant students from all three cohorts were able to meet and mingle with students across the different programmes.

The idea was popular, with around 40 students joining us across the hour. We ran the sessions through several different breakout spaces, so that everyone had the chance to meet as many new people as possible.

It was really nice to see new connections being forged, and to see people sharing contact details so they can keep in touch for the future.

Many thanks to Tim Galpin, Senior Lecturer in Strategy and Innovation, and Joe Nicholson, Recruitment Manager, who chaired the session, as well as to Programme Managers Lisa Sainsbury and Joanna Francis, who worked to find time for the students to get together. Plus a huge thank you to Eloise Ruthven-Stuart, the virtual classroom assistant holding it all together!

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