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By Mahmoud Al Sayed

A life game-changer at Saïd Business School

Life between myth & reality

It’s really funny how the majority of us fall into the “I know it all” trap. This is a totally delusional belief framed by our mastery of our routine job, the people we usually deal with, the prevailing culture and traditions of our society and most importantly our egos. The reality is unsurprisingly different, and this “self-overconfidence” in most cases turns out to be a destructive trait which blinds our eyes to amazing opportunities around us for learning and growth whilst keeping us busy in perfecting our daily routines and trapped in fake successes that barely enable us to unleash our full potential and capabilities.

Though I have completed just my first module of the postgraduate Diploma in Strategy and Innovation, I learned that humility, curiosity and the thirst for knowledge are key to success. I am not referring to success here from a mere career perspective only, but rather to a higher quality of life that gives clarity to one’s understanding of his own self, the broad spectrum of people around him as well as his God and the universe.  In a simpler way, it’s about a unique perception of life.

My culture

I came from a place where good achievers who manage to prove themselves and succeed at work find an easy path to well-compensation. Successful people here are eventually spoiled by all the privileges and offerings they get which plays an adverse role in inhibiting one’s zeal to pursue other challenging opportunities outside of their comfort zone. Unfortunately, we are sometimes enslaved by our obsession with wealth and material possessions that we rarely focus enough on the quality of our lives. Why do I need to get out of my territory when I believe that “the map is the territory”? This has always been my case until I decided one day to rebel against the widespread systems and start developing a passion for learning where there should be no ending point for knowledge and education. It’s an ongoing process which shall always be associated with our existence in this world. Luckily, a close friend of mine had just completed his Diploma in Financial Strategy and strongly encouraged me to follow this suit without thinking twice.

Mahmoud Al Sayed

A life game-changer at Saïd Business School

This program is truly an enriching and inspirational experience to me so far. I’ve been exposed to several educational institutions in my life, however, this school has by far surpassed all the traditional and conventional barriers to go way beyond the scope of the material in hand. It has exposed us to argumentative yet fruitful discussions and interactions among professional peers coming from multicultural business environments, industries and mindsets.

I would like to take this opportunity to give due credit to the talented Business Development & Recruitment team for building a platform that blends an impressive variety of subject matter experts from all corners of the world. To me, it’s mainly about people, people and people! Irrespective of the breathtaking history of the university, its academic excellence and the great impact of its programs, the core value is derived from our continuous interface with our crème de la crème cohort team and the high-calibre faculty members. Life doesn’t revolve around a specific program or field and hence, scholars from various backgrounds and industries are invited to shed light on various intellectual topics not only to expand our understanding but also to trigger our minds to raise questions about things which we have habitually been taking for granted.

Lecture at Corpus Christi College

Professor Teppo is undoubtedly the key to such an experience through his wealth of knowledge, passion, intuition and impressive communication skills accompanied with humbleness, respect and empathy for each and every one of us.

Lecture with Teppo Felin

I can’t deny that I’m apprehensive about the first exam in April and its interesting rituals. Nonetheless, I’m equally excited and looking forward to what the second module will bring and revive the face-to-face interaction with the brightest classmates.

On a last note, my main challenge for the next trip to Oxford remains as is: “understanding the complicated relationship between the university and its colleges” 🙂

Oxford is not just a university but a way of life!

Till we meet again…

Diploma in Strategy and Innovation, Module 1, Class 1, 2019



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