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By Evelina Fisher

Only just the beginning

We just finished our last Module 4 and the main word I can find is Inspiration. Every time I come back from Oxford I feel great inspiration for achieving, experiencing and, the most important, contributing into live, business and studies. It comes from a very interesting, comprehensive and thoughts-provoking programme of Diploma in Global Business, from our group, and from Oxford experience as a whole. You feel capable of doing and learning much more, going for much higher goals, setting much higher standards for yourself, connecting much deeper to people and life, understanding world much better and seeking real meaning in everything you do.

This summer one of my business contacts asked me what the Programme actually gives to me and it felt like the real question behind was, is it worth it? And this is my answer.

Looking back at the four modules, we learned a lot. We looked at the same business issues from very different perspectives again and again, until it started to all come together and make real sense. We started to understand much better fundamentals behind economic and business conditions in the countries we work in, and why they are so different. We discussed real-life business cases, using our own – sometimes polar – understanding and experience, and figuring out together the best strategy. We learned key models which are used by multinational and local companies to develop business in different environments, globally. Even if we knew some of these strategies from our own experience, it was crystallised in much more conscious and tangible knowledge, which we can use in whatever we do now.

But apart from the very specific things which you can take with you and apply, the Programme made us look at things differently, in a deeper and more complex way. It showed that business is not just about knowing your market, competition and core competences, it is about navigating complex and fast-changing world of geopolitics, interests of governments and various organisations, which from the first instance seem to be far from the issues at hand, it is about building relationships and reputation, and the foundation behind it – ethical principles of leadership, real vision, connection with others, diplomatic skills and responsibility for the impact you are making on the society.

In the best Oxford tradition, the Programme put main topics in the context of centuries of history, culture, philosophy, politics, and ethics. “We are in Oxford” – we were told by the professors – “and in Oxford in order to understand what is happening now, we go back in time and start from the foundations”. “We do not give you the answers. We ask you questions”. We learned to ask questions, to look for the answers and to justify our point of view in discussion.

And all of this was happening together, as a whole, with an absolutely amazing group of unique, talented, intelligent, professional, good-hearted, generous, courageous, diverse, successful and inspiring people from all over the world. With the great story behind each and every one of us – story of achievements, growing, overcoming obstacles, sometimes tragic and limiting, learning and searching to make yourself bigger and better. The contribution of the group and each of us matched the contribution of the School and Oxford.

It turned out to be much bigger than a programme about doing business globally. It is probably right to say that for many, if not for all of us, this year changed somehow the way we see business and the world, and our role in it. I sincerely hope this is just the beginning of our road together.

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