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By Hanif Sangi

Team Impulsum-Lesson Learned from the University of Oxford’s Post Graduate Diploma in Organisational Leadership

The expedition of senior managers from around the globe for Post Graduate Diploma in Organizational Leadership at the University of Oxford’s Said Business School did come to a finale in the month of October 2018. Today, I’m sharing my reflections from the Module 4 and reiterating some thoughts from previous modules to emphasize the overall significance, excellence, and triumph of the program.

Our diploma program started in February 2018 when it was snowing in the Oxford and the classroom part of the program concluded magnificently in the Fall of 2018. We travelled to Oxford four times in a year to attend the classes and engage in practical exercises while networking and exploring the different colleges associated with the University of Oxford.

When my train pulled at the Oxford Station platform from London Paddington, the wind was whistling through the trees and spinning the red, brown, gold, and yellow leaves on the ground. It was truly an amazing foliage in the city of Oxford. The sun was glancing from the clouds and glamorous evening was awaiting the nightlife to begin. The clusters of students were leaving the Said Business School with laughter and renewed energy. The streets normally get filled with students and others who want to adore every moment of the sundown life in the town, they do not wait for the weekend.

I checked in to my AirBnB place. During my four trips to Oxford this year; I have used AirBnB three times and it has been the most amazing experience. The lodging gets filled up in the city quickly so its recommended to book all your lodging way in advance if you are visiting the city.

Our Module one focused on the foundation of Leadership, visit to our college Pembroke, and extensive networking events. The Module two was all about the Strategic Mindset, Competitive Advantage, Strategy, and group coaching sessions. The Strategic Leader was the theme of our third Module. We dived deep into power of persuasion, resilience in an uncertain world, decision and use of social networks. This fourth module focused on leading organizational change coupled with a simulation exercise. This module included lessons learned throughout the course and some case studies from different modules.

Each module presented us opportunities to evaluate real world business cases, small group discussions and presentations were held, complex scenarios and hands on exercises were integrated to decipher the problems. Additionally, in each module we visited distinctive college to discover the history and break the bread jointly.

As you can envisage; evenings were loaded with the receptions, networking dinners, and late evening fun filled activities for all styles of people. From high tea to English pubs, sky was the limit for twilight activities. We also decided on a class motto to be “Impulsum,” a latin word meaning impact. This was perfect reflection of our group that had centuries of collective leadership and management experience in a range of public, private, nonprofit, and tactical sectors. There were shirts for the classmates with their name and class motto to display that pride during and after the program.

After the last day of Module four, certain class participants challenged themselves and took part in the Half Marathon in Oxford that was held on October 7, 2018. As you will spot, this program is not only for education. It is a complete package for your professional and personal growth. This is literally a change in the mindset, you will grasp challenges and opportunities from a different lens after the program. You will be pushed to your limits in the classroom and external undertakings, but the good news is that you will have an exceptional squad of senior leaders alongside you functioning as your second family throughout your lifelong learning and growth voyage.

This program brings several alumni benefits, one is the membership in Oxford Union, several team members filled the forms and received the Union membership cards. After the program; you will become the part of elite union and other exclusive university clubs and alumni groups around the sphere.

The Team Impulsum’s journey starts for the last phase of the course which is the submission of a 6000-word assignment in January 2019. This will be the last requirement of this degree program for those who attended all four modules and passed all three written examinations.

The classmates departed to their homes with tears, and hugs but reaffirmed the commitment to stay engaged via social media platforms. The graduation ceremony is scheduled to take place on November 16, 2019 in Oxford, and we all are already counting days for it.


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