Wilf Blackburn


Diploma in Global Business

By Wilf Blackburn

Diploma in Global Business at Oxford Saïd

Participating in Saïd’s PG Diploma in Global Business has been a highly worthwhile investment in my ongoing education at an appropriate point in my career.

The course is well managed, relevant, and supported by best-in-class teaching from both faculty and guest lecturers. It provided a sound theoretical context with which to reflect on many of the practical issues I have been facing when leading businesses in MNCs across Asia over the past couple of decades.

I have found immense value in applying what I learnt in my work, in particular the Corporate Diplomacy module. The broad range of cases and readings, diverse class of experienced business professionals from multiple sectors and countries and the judicious balance of time spent in Oxford between study and networking provided the opportunity to engage in deep and shared learning.

Taking university examinations again for the first time since my MBA in the last millennia was the most daunting element of the final three modules. Yet, this step outside of the comfort zone undoubtedly reinforced my learning, all of which took place in the beautifully historic and academically leading City of Oxford.

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