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Diploma in Organisational Leadership


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By Lorna Henderson

A city of influence: “walk with the wise”

One of the benefits of studying at Oxford Saïd is that you have the opportunity to meet leaders from many different diverse countries and settings. There are opportunities to learn from each other within the lecture theatre but also outwith as we take advantage of the many activities available in Oxford.

During Module Three some shared how in their countries of origin education is not free nor accessible to all. I was particularly struck by how we can take education for children for granted in the UK and how privileged we are to have a world class university in our midst which attracts students from all over the world.

Oxford is a city of influence and many will leave with their learning from the course to go on and make a real difference in the world. Some leaders are actively promoting education within their own countries which is inspiring. Oxford has long been at the forefront of education for centuries and attracted and taught leaders who go on to make a difference. I am sure members of our cohort will follow in this long tradition and it is a privilege to “walk with the wise”.

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