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By Terry Prior

Settling in to study at Saïd Business School

The team is now well over halfway through the programme having completed module 3 along with sitting a series of very formal examinations for modules 1 & 2.

Module 3, in my view, had a different feel from the previous modules, and my belief is that this was the result of participants feeling more at ease with the Oxford learning process, the routine necessary to meet all requirements, the delivery method of presenters, all underpinned by a tightening and maturing of the working relationship between team members.

This is an amazing group of people.

That is not to say that it is getting easier.  This Diploma is an intense programme as it should be, and as a mature learner I am the first to admit that it has pushed me well outside of my comfort zone in every sense, but mostly in a very positive way. 

From my perspective those positives are significant.  From the methodology used in programme delivery to the availability of presenters for one-on-one discussions, through to the intellectual stimulation offered by other team members this is a special place.  A special place physically, a special place historically and there is something else that is special and unique that I cannot quite describe, but which I find almost spiritual.   Remember I work in the heavy construction industry, and have done so for many years all around the world therefore ‘spiritual’ is not a term I frequently use, but in this case that is the most descriptive term I can think of.

The programme is different from anything I have done before, and being part of it is unlike anything I have ever done. It is definitely worth the ‘stretch’. Definitely worth the pain.  Definitely worth (in my case) the travel to and from Australia to attend.

In closing I would say to any potential participant, don’t hesitate if you truly want to learn, grow and be inspired.  It is hard work, and regardless of who you are it will stretch you and it will test your intellectual boundaries.  But it is something that you will not experience elsewhere, something that will change you, and something you will never forget.    


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