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By Hanif Sangi

The Power of Persuasion and Resilience in an Uncertain World

Are you wondering how Saïd Business School’s Post Graduate Diploma in Organisational Leadership’s Module 3 looks like and how it enriches the lives and careers of authentic leaders who journeyed from Asia, Europe, America, Africa, and Middle East regions? Here are my observations on this lifelong learning opportunity that I have time-honored and it’s like a dream come true for me.

The summer of 2018 in Oxford fetched rare heatwave across the U.K but the charming museums, blossoming parks, picturesque architecture, networking dinners and watching FIFA 2018 in the old-style pub were at the center stage of our trip to the Oxford in July.

As always, we sat in two-hour long exam on the morning of our first day while dressed up in traditional black suite, white shirt with a white bow tie, a gown and a mortarboard. Majority of us gave it a touch of pink carnation, traditionally, every module brings different color of the carnation, this time it was pink. Our first day happens to be on the 4th of July, the Independence Day of America, but this course didn’t stop us from rejoicing. We cut the cake and enjoyed the evening drinks with fellow leaders from other regions.

The Module 3 was entitled “The Strategic Leader” so we learned ins and outs of Decision Making, Resiliency in an Uncertain World, honed Power of Persuasion, and thoroughly learned how to Build and use the Networks. This module concentrated on small group undertakings, classroom absorbing and case studies. Self-evaluation was the key and emphasis was placed on competences and dimensions of the organizations in challenging circumstances.

Leading people towards the ladder of success and ensuring the ladder is placed at the right place was the fundamental learning. Managing risk and shunning drift towards failure was the theme of our learning expedition during this module. My personal takeaway was: People who are willing to take risks and jump out of their narrow specialist world are often able to remake boundaries in interesting ways’ (Tett, 2015).

The Oxford education spotlights on equipping leaders with different leadership instruments, frameworks and enriches the aptitude to get things done in an unconventional approach. We observed the networks and nodes that can help analyze the large amounts of data. We assessed the graph of global terrorism trends and plunged deep into types of networks that can help leaders make informed decisions. Application of network analysis to discover patterns, central actors, indirect relations, organic clusters was eye opening.

Learning at Oxford is always coupled with the fun especially when summer brings over 16 hours of daylight. Some of the leaders took advantage of optional punting in the afternoon and early risers went on rowing. There’s nothing more relaxing than floating along the river Thames along with green left lotus, spotting the nature and enjoying the views.

This module also provided us an opportunity to mingle with business diploma participants, consultation with Oxford Business Alumni Networks Program Office and break the bread at the famous Rhodes House that has been gathering place for global scholars for over 100 years.

Here are the words of wisdom from my classmate:

I’ve been reflecting on this last module and the experiences I had that were so profound. New connections made and friendships reinforced. Lots of unexpected discussions that have changed my life for the better. It’s hard to describe in words what it has meant to me academically, professionally, emotionally and spiritually to go on this journey with all of you. Thank you for sharing your insights, struggles and perspectives. This postgraduate program started out as a way for me to enhance my professional experiences and knowledge and ended up being transformational. See you all again soon. Jenny Proctor

We separated from each other with a renewed commitment to take our shared learning journey to the next level by participating into virtual group learning sessions and preparing for the next meet up in October of 2018.

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