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By Bob Satawake


There are times when life presents you with a curiosity and opportunity collectively and the end result leads to something very special. I have experienced this scenario a few times in my life but most recently it required an expertise level completely out of my wheelhouse.  If by definition of being compensated means being a working professional then by definition I retired a few years ago.

Since that time I have been pursuing interests that are passionate to me primarily in the humanitarian sector working with non-profits and NGO’s. I have spent the past several years working in the diplomatic arena on initiatives impacting marginalized groups in developing democracies and had the opportunity to travel throughout the world meeting with influencers, government leaders, elected officials and even Prime Ministers and Presidents strategizing on plans to pursue equality for all people.

None of these experiences typically leads one to a pursuit of educational advancement, however I have rarely followed a typical path. Last summer I relocated back to my home in the United States after living abroad for three plus years.  Though I love playing golf, tennis and reading there is only so much of that one can do before the mind begins to beg for challenges, so I decided to return to school.  Following my undergraduate degree from a public university I immediately entered the workforce.  My plan had always been to go to law school but unfortunately at the time resources were not available to me to pursue that goal.

After 30 years in the public relations and sales industry I decided to return to the educational environment and accomplish what I had wanted to achieve 30 years ago.  I live walking distance to a prominent university in my hometown and began to explore options for attending a program there, but as I began my research I realized I was restricting myself instead of reaching for something greater.

I started exploring the idea that if I could attend any university I wanted, anywhere in the world, what would that look like? And so I discovered Oxford University and the Diploma in Global Business.  I researched the program and the Saïd Business School discovering not only is the program extremely distinctive but the learning environment and tools at your disposal for achieving success are extraordinary and the educators and staff are extremely responsive and encouraging.  I have completed my first module and unlike being thrown into the deep end of the pool and expected to swim, we were thrown into the deep end of the pool with the most amazing lifeguards and are being taught how to swim.

The University of Oxford is an amazing environment providing encouragement and resources at every turn.  The program is clearly designed to provide you with the tools to achieve success and advance your personal goals and initiatives.  I entered the first module on day one with a huge amount of apprehension and anxiety only to exit it with the excitement that our entire cohort is developing a network of educational and professional excellence on which we all can build our dreams for the future.

The University of Oxford, the City of Oxford, the Saïd Business School, the staff, my fellow classmates and our fellow alumni is a community I already feel very much a part of and a responsibility and dedication to contributing my very best.  As I move forward in DipGB2018 I extend my most sincere wishes for our collective success and making a contribution that will benefit a better future for all of you.

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