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By Syed Gardezi

Take that! I am in Oxford

As a finance and accountancy professional, I believe one determines a certain career path through gaining experience, exposure and the right qualifications. My ACCA qualification opened doors for me but choosing the right door was a matter of making choices with considered foresight.

When Oxford accepted me into its wings, I was certain of not only gaining the right qualification but also meeting professionals from varied industries and sharing their knowledge and experience. Such synergy for me is invaluable. I come from a family of PHD’s and a medical surgeon who always took my profession lightly. Joining Oxford for me is my ‘’Take That! ‘’ moment.

After sitting through my first module in the Diploma in Financial Strategy, I have proven my understanding of this Oxford course right. A fellow cohort called our group a mini ‘United Nations’ and he is absolutely right! We have professionals from all around the globe and I am loving the interaction and arguments that they bring to the table from their regional perspective. The strategy frameworks that I have studied in Module 1 have given me confidence to speak about company strategy in a structured way during board meetings at work. The interactive nature of this module has also given me a new perspective towards the gaining and sharing of knowledge.

I am positively nervous about the Module 1 exam on 14th March and am certain that my remaining Oxford experience is going to be exciting and life changing.

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