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By Chris Almazan

Farewell and Welcome

I received recently an email link containing our pictures during our last black-tie dinner at St. Cross College. As I browse through all the pictures, I can’t help but feel nostalgic about the whole Oxford experience, thinking how time flies really fast.

Black-tie dinner at St. Cross College


It was only late last year when I decided to pursue a postgraduate course on Strategy and Innovation at Oxford instead of taking a postgraduate program on luxury business in Paris, France or an EMBA from 2 Ivy League schools in the U.S. and the National University of Singapore.

It was a tough decision but I am glad I made the right one!

As I am about to complete my Oxford program [that is, if I successfully complete and satisfy the requirements of the final thesis due on February 2018], I strongly believe that I made not only the right decision but the best decision of my life.

Not only I have received a world class education from University of Oxford’s center of learning for graduate students in business, management and finance but most importantly, I have realized the value of networking and class team spirit. We would work in teams to solve critical strategy & innovation case studies, discuss in groups and exchange thoughts on almost every topic in business. I never thought it could be that fun and interesting.

Truly, with Oxford, your excitement is heightened not only because of the rich history of the University…But most importantly, it is because of the value of education and the meaningful experience you share with like-minded individuals.

“Go confidently to the direction of your dreams” – Henry David Thoreau

We all have dreams, be it career or personal aspirations. As I recall, there is a Japanese concept called “Ikigai” which can be loosely translated as your purpose in life – simply put, a combination of what you like doing and what you are good at. The thing that motivates you out of bed in the morning.

This is what I feel whenever I attend our class at Oxford – I didn’t mind the long hours of discussion or the case studies we have to read. At Oxford, learning is fun because of the intellectual discussion with your classmates. It opens your mind to different perspectives. But don’t get me wrong, the course is demanding.

Farewell and Welcome are the first two words on the first slide of Oxford’s Business Alumni representatives during their presentation to the postgraduate students finishing their course in 2017. It feels weird to fill out an Oxford Business Alumni form during our last Module in September when I could still vividly recall my day one at Oxford.

Upon arrival, I immediately felt excited and fell in love with Oxford’s magnificent architecture and meeting classmates from over 30 countries that I now consider lifelong friends.

Nonetheless, I am very proud to be part of this institution. I will certainly miss the whole Oxford experience – stressful examination preparation, gowning up for exams, punting on Oxford’s waterways, visit to the Universities’ various museums & amazing libraries, black tie dinners, intellectual conversations and of course, pub crawls in historic Oxford pubs.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank DipSI class of 2017-2018, the University of Oxford and Said Business School.

Truly, this is one of a kind of experience that I will not forget.



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