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By Wendy Qing

Financial Strategy – thoughts on Module One

After becoming a full member of ACCA and working very closely with the senior management team, including the business units in the past few years, I realized how important “Strategy” is at work and while I was studying for the ACCA qualification. Therefore, I decided to further pursue my education, deepening my knowledge in Financial Strategy at the University of Oxford.

It was a big decision for me to choose the programme at Oxford and I am glad I have made it. I felt the programme was excellent not just because the class profile is so diverse which fits my experience and interest. More importantly, I feel this programme brings all the best talents from different backgrounds and nations into one classroom and we are all discussing the strategy at our own organisations. This gives us a great idea and picture about strategy and how it suits different business sectors. I have been inspired by brilliant minds from different people during the class and it was very helpful to enhance my industry knowledge from different business sectors, especially in the financial services industry as I have a great interest in global financial markets.

Furthermore, I really enjoyed the environment and the way Oxford taught participants during the class, as this programme is designed for senior finance professionals. It is suitable for those of us who have extensive work experience and have adapted to work environments. I felt I have been motivated and want to achieve more dreams in my career development.

During the first day of my journey to Oxford, perhaps I still had jet lag as I was flying 19 hours from Hong Kong to Singapore then London. It was an enjoyable day and I met all the participants in our programme. Perhaps the biggest challenge for me on the first day was understanding the different accents from more than 28 different countries with everyone speaking very fast during the class. I must listen very carefully and concentrate on the issues raised by our participants.

The first day was an introduction about Strategy, Exam Overview and Industry Analysis and our Course Leader is Richard Whittington. I must say how much I enjoyed listening to Richard and he is extremely patient and very clear in his speech.

During the following day at Oxford, I got used to the environment and how people speak and raise questions, therefore, I have managed to ask some questions during the class as well. In addition, I also enjoyed the team work, the collaboration between all of us, and the networking during the class break time or after dinner. I have met some awesome people and made new friends from other programmes as well. e.g. the EMBA programme and the EY partner programme at Oxford.

Finally, so far for module 1, I think the ACCA qualification was very helpful for preparing to study the Oxford Diploma in Financial Strategy, as many of the frameworks and concepts covered from ACCA business analysis has given me a better understanding of the discussion across different business sectors.

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