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By Maria Lagutina

Back to school…

It’s been a few days being back home after Module 1 and I should admit it started to sink in… “I am a student of Oxford!” You may think that this realization comes when you get an offer letter from the School, or when you wire your payment, or when you book your first accommodation in Oxford.

For me it was all like a dream from the moment my friend shared her desire to study at Oxford Saïd, and me deciding to give it a shot as well. From September to February it was just crazy set of events from a dream to reality.

And here we go, all new, all full of drive and ambition, full of that ’can do’ spirit. Having achieved in our respective careers, we’re back in the classroom with books, notes, slides, talks, and chatting about own experiences. And doing those odd things you hope stay in a classroom.


Lecture theatre

Inside the lecture theatre at Saïd Business School


We have all come from various backgrounds, which is refreshing, making conversations intense yet filled with stories. We are all wrestling with different tasks at work and have varied reasons to join Oxford Saïd. For me, someone who is passionate about digital, living in an ever-changing world created by new technologies and advancements in all spheres, I see this as a great opportunity to learn how to not panic, but rather to grab the wave of innovation, know where to look for it and how to stream in and out (which sometimes might be the most important).

This sounds like a lot of big talk, but we shall see. The community of Oxford, the School and the profile of the class so far works exactly towards my objectives.

Looking back at my Module 1 experience, and the intensity of studies during the four days (provided you’re committed to it more than to your office mail), I should now plan for better accommodation allowing for undisturbed sleep, pack my sneakers for evening jogs in the beautiful surroundings, and of course buy a white shirt! Don’t think I have ever spent so much time discussing an exam dress code.



The traditional sub-fusc dress code


Wish us all luck in April in our gorgeous sub-fuscs.

Talk soon!



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