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By Lilia Stoyanov

#GoRemote and #GrowGlobal

I wish someone had told me that Oxford Letters of Motivation live a life of their own…

18 months ago, I submitted my Letter of Motivation to Oxford Said Business School, fingers crossed that I would be admitted to the PGDip in Financial Strategy. I had a business model in my head that needed to be polished prior to being developed and launched to the market. A business model that could change for good the lives of millions of people around the world.

Well, I got admitted and during the following months, I both studied and developed Transformify. It wasn’t an easy journey as graduating from Oxford requires dedication and effort and so does a disruptive business model.  However, both were worth it.  For months, I was discussing with my peers and Professor Whittington the best strategy to follow to a reach global market on a shoe string budget. It is a widespread belief that an entrepreneur needs a series of external fundraising to achieve such an ambitious goal. I would say that money is good to have, but having a disruptive strategy is better. Transformify was launched in Jan 2016, and 10 months later, we are supported by Virgin, have registered users from 97 countries, business partners from the US, EU and Asia, a Guinness World Record, programs providing remote jobs for people living in high unemployment areas, single parents, women in the Middle East and refugees…and the best is yet to come.  When a business model touches the lives of people worldwide and gives them hope for the future, the good things start to happen. Transformify #GoRemote campaign engages young people worldwide with social good while helping them to get noticed by top employers, build their dream careers, and enhance their skills, because skills and education matter.

Would I be able to step in so many countries without my Oxford classmates? I doubt it. They came from all over the world and provided valuable insights of the culture and specifics of each country. The foreign exchange regulations in Nigeria, the funding opportunities provided by the European Union, VCs in the US, a PESTEL analysis of the China market? I always had the best person to ask during the coffee break.  We may be alumnae now, and not meet and speak with each other so often, but as Katherine said it right during her graduation speech, we are Oxonians for life.

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