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By Silvia Caraman

A way to get inspired

Where to start? So many emotions and facts to share… I will try to be concise.

Why DipFS? I was looking for a board level education, after diligent research, the diploma came on the top of the list with comprehensive curriculum and flexibility to combine work and study. Every module so far, for me personally, is at and above expectations in terms of knowledge, social and school experience.  The most valuable element throughout the program is the personal touch and real life example and experience shared by colleagues and teachers.

My hope was to get a program where we will discuss things that you cannot read in the books, “secrets” that only real life teaches you and in the work place not many are eager to share, so far I can tell that hopes become reality in the class. I find there is a good balance between technical and practical modules. The requirements for preparation work for the modules and the studying time for exams is reasonable. Some colleagues find certain topics less of a novelty to them, but everybody admitted to having learned new things during the program.

The program administration team is amazing and very supportive. Life is not perfect, but with their assistance things are getting done. I would like to thank Andy, Tom and Jeanette for their effort. They are always present and looking for suggestions and ways to improve the experience during the program.

The off class activities the school organises are very interesting and highly appreciated. I discovered Oxford through the visits to colleges and the city tour, days to remember for life.

The group is an amazing example of diversity and inspiring people. It is absolutely priceless the networking we get to do and hopefully long term friendships are getting built.

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