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By Salla Kelorita

Rearranging reality

Starting to draft this post I’m sipping my morning coffee in the Oxford Union bar. Our cohort’s first DipSI 2016 module is now behind us and I couldn’t stay away from Oxford. The four days of module one were packed with studies and activities and it was all brilliant.

On the first day I felt nervous and very excited at once. After registering and getting my name tag and student card I made my way to the Club Room for a morning coffee and to meet my new classmates. The very first people I met were a good indication of our various backgrounds and nationalities. Our class consists of almost 70 students representing more than 30 nationalities. If anyone should think they would stand out being different by living abroad away from home country and speaking various languages, try studying in Oxford, you will fit right in!

When the first class started we dived right into it. No soft start or taking it easy – strategy it is! By lunch time we were getting to know each other and the feeling of first day of school was rapidly fading away. Our first group assignment was assembling a toy helicopter with a surprising lesson to learn. At the end of the day most of us felt like we’d been there a lot longer than just the day. We all had dinner together at the school and the catering there is top notch. Not only the dinner but all lunches include hot and cold dishes catering for all dietary requirements with quality ingredients. During the dinner we also got our own WhatsApp group going for our class and during the next couple of days the majority of the class were in the group sharing thoughts, questions and joking.

On the second day I admittedly felt slightly confused with the all different theories and frameworks and I struggled to put it all into context. Lecture-wise the day was shorter as we were getting to know Oxford better as a class. First we were toured around Oxford Union by the Union president himself. Stuart was a brilliant host and his witty stories made us laugh out loud time and time again. Afterwards we headed to the Ashmolean Museum for a tour and a lecture by the museum curator. Fantastic museum and interesting lecture about the art market! The day’s official programme ended with a tour of our very own Oriel College. It’s amazing what those great façades and walls hold inside, fascinating mix of history and modern times.

In each module we have the privilege of having dinner in different college. Our first one was on a Friday evening in Exeter College. Simply fabulous! We also had a guest speaker – a student from last year’s cohort. Earlier in the day we had heard from the head examiner about the awaiting examinations and related to rules and requirements; we will have an examination on the first day of each module about the previous module’s subject and theories. Quite a few of us were feeling a little nervous about them but the speech set a peace and confidence about the examinations.

It certainly was a lot to take in in a few days and there is a pile of material to go study. For both the exam but also the module two as well. Bit by bit the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place and all theories and frameworks are finding their places. But it does take time management to keep up.

Plenty is happening between the modules as well and it’s not all just reading articles or books! Since our first module our cohort has already created several social media groups and platforms and established lively and active conversation. Here in London we already met for a couple of study group sessions and have scheduled a meet up with the local Global Business Diploma participants as well and are scheduling to meet participants from this year’s other Diploma programmes as well. The programme is now off to a good start and there is only a month to go for our second module and our first examination…

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