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By Salla Kelorita

Countdown to DipSI 16

Only two weeks to go before the Diploma in Strategy and Innovation 2016 programme start! We recently received invitation to our course portal: our online home for the year come. The information included brief introductions of the programme academics, Module 1 schedule and the pre-reading list for now. In the future there will be a lot more content without a doubt.

Our timetable for the first module is packed with interesting lecturers but fun too. Every morning is an early start and the days last until late evening. Each day consists of four or five lecturers and includes also examination preparation guidance. The lecture topics are introduced to us with the pre-reading list.

This first module is divided into eight session and for each session there is a list of reading material we are expected to study beforehand. The full list is rather extensive list of articles and case studies and it gives a clear indication of what’s to come. My first initial reaction was that I need to learn how to study again. It’s been almost a decade since I graduated and the discipline of studying is of course different in dynamic compared to working. First thing I did after receiving the material was a reading schedule. I felt planning how to tackle all the material effectively felt necessary considering the volume Of course that plan flew out of the within days as I got a cold and was forced to stay in bed for few days. I’m now more or less up and running again and need to make a new schedule. Motivation in starting the Diploma programme is very high and once I got started with the reading it’s been captivating to learn about the different topics. However, as the next two weeks will be quite hectic from both personal and business perspective, scheduling and coordination skills are being tested from the start.

The programme starts at 8 o’clock Wednesday morning with registration continued by introductory lecture. After that it’s full speed ahead until Saturday afternoon. The lecture topics in this first module are related to competitive strategy, decision making analysis, strategy as a process and strategic change. From the social perspective the schedule looks busy but equally exciting as well. There is a plan for each evening including a tour of Oxford. Yet, the evening I probably anticipate the most is the dinner in one of the colleges. In each module we will have the privilege of dining in a different college and becoming a part of hundreds of years of history and traditions.

Later on the DipSI 16 web portal will also include our class profile. In addition to the all the academic challenges I have other questions in my mind as well of course: Who are my future class mates? Where they from are and what do they do? Deciding to take the most out of this experience I booked myself accommodation for extra some nights. I live relatively close to Oxford but I booked a room in Oxford city centre in order to truly enjoy this experience to the fullest.

In the next post I will be able to get down to the real deal – Oxford here I come!

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