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By Scott Laverty

June Module

As Module 3 of the Diploma in Organisational Leadership approached in June, my excitement became evident to my wife.  Being raised on a family ranch farm in Oklahoma, attending school in a small town before joining the United States Marine Corps, serving 25+ years in the military with multiple combat missions in service to my Country, and now working with the California Highway Patrol…what was it about Oxford University that excited me so much?  “I am not sure I have ever seen you so excited,” she stated.  Well, let me share with you why I become excited when it is time to return to Oxford for more studies.  I believe that we all have a responsibility to make our world a better place, and unless we individually do something, nothing will happen.  Sure, I have the same struggles with balancing time for homework, studying, taking the tests, and dealing with jet lag like anyone else.  But, I share the same values of my colleagues to do my part in this world as time permits.  The more I learn and apply, the more I can make a difference.  So, my excitement stems from the motivation to meet my colleagues in a dialogue around organization leadership for leadership progression.  At each module, I grow just a little bit more…and if that isn’t excitement, then I don’t know what is!  I guess my excitement was so contagious, that my wife decided to share some experience and go with!  What a wonderful journey I have embarked on!

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