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By Jasmine Zhang

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I recall the day when I sat my last undergraduate exam at Harvard. I heaved a huge sigh of relief; the thought of not having to take another 4-hour exam again was pure joy. That was 9 years ago. I have since crossed the pond, married a European, and have accumulated some industry experience in the dynamic world of digital marketing and ecommerce.

What compelled me to consider a graduate degree? I could have decided to learn to code, and I could spend my time learning French, the language of fine cuisine, wine, and culture.

I decided to apply to the Diploma in Global Business course with the hope that it will help close a crucial gap that I had identified at this stage in my career. To really drive change in my company, I must be able to communicate my message with confidence and credibility. Plus, the programme would allow me to continue to work full time and manage to get a graduate degree at the same time. It is set up specifically to benefit someone like me.

I attended an on-campus Open House in Feb 2015. I was able to speak with a member of the Admissions team. Eje answered my questions and invited me to listen in on a live module that was taking place in the afternoon on the same day. Several members of the class flew in for the module. They would fly in from as far as Australia or Indonesia for every module. That put to shame my whining about the 1-hr commute from London. I enjoyed observing the way each student responded to the professor and each other’s questions in public. Trepidation dawned upon me, and I wondered whether I would be as charismatic as they were. I was pleased to know that my classmates would be working professionals with whom I could consult to to discuss real-life business issues.

The application process was fairly straight-forward. The hardest part was identifying two people whom I could entrust to write my letters of recommendation. My referrals were pleasantly surprised that they only had to answer a multiple-choice online survey so it removed the extra hassle of writing flowery letters. The rest of the application consisted of a Personal Statement and a few short questions about my future career aspirations. Throughout the entire process, I must confess that Eje and her colleagues ‘held my hand’ and answered every question promptly. Compared to my undergraduate application process where I was directed to the FAQ section of the Admissions Office website, I felt that I received the ‘Rolls-Royce’ treatment from the Oxford admissions team.

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