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By Simon Bracher

Dip OL Module 3

The third module for the Diploma in Organisational Leadership addressed the topics of organisational complexity and change. The excellent duo of Tim Morris and Namrata Malhotra were our faculty for the module, and once again I felt immensely privileged to be exposed to their depth of knowledge and experience on the subject matter. Both Tim and Namrata have many years of not only academic but practical experience in advising major businesses through their organisational challenges. With names withheld to protect the innocent, their own stories add dimension to the theory and case studies as we explore the various topics.

We get to have a go at leading a major change programme of our own – virtually of course. After a thorough pre-read, we become change leaders for a day, through a computerised simulation. Interestingly the most challenging part of the exercise is gelling as a team to design the program and execute decisions. This for me was an excellent development experience. Given that essentially all of us on the course intend becoming, or are already part of a top leadership team, we get to see first-hand how challenging it can be to achieve consensus on fundamental decisions which have the potential to make or break the success of a program. Especially since we are all individuals with strong views keen to take the reins!

Having come through the experience I am proud of myself and my team mates. We pushed each other hard, challenging one another’s thinking and views, while at the same time remaining a focused and productive team capable of enacting decisions to implement our program within the required time limits. We learned from our decisions – not only the about the nature of them but also about the impact of their sequencing. We also had a chance to reflect on our own behaviours, our ability to form a team quickly and to establish a productive way of working in a very short period of time. It was a challenging and thoroughly rewarding experience.

On a less serious but no less important note, some of the recreational highlights on this module included a thorough browse of the famous Blackwell’s bookshop (opposite the Sheldonian) with it’s over 5km of shelves, beers at the wonderful Turf Tavern, and the invasion one evening by our cohort of the Middle Common Room at Pembroke. As they saying goes: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! “.


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