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By Jo Snoeck

Back to life, back to reality

While the above always has thrown me back to the 80s when Soul II Soul were swinging their hair around in this captivating music video, it now has a completely different meaning. Exam 2 of the Diploma in Strategy and Innovation has passed, module 3 has passed, all my books are in a corner and life kicks in. Back to reality it is, where work and family and school PTA’s and swimming club committees take up most of my time, and where there is time to read books that are not related to strategy and innovation and watch Sherlock for the millionth time.

But DipSI is not gone, and I start noticing the fundamental changes in which the course has affected me so far. I do start seeing (and even searching) the bigger picture in what I do, I start to have clear ideas about where I want to go, when I write a text, it is not purely science anymore but business thinking starts creeping in. I even started reading the Financial Times, which I never thought possible!

Summer is nearing its end and although I’m still a bit in a post-holiday haze, I’m really excited about the upcoming business project, and ideas are tumbling around in my head. The next exam is just around the corner and so is the last module in Oxford. I can’t believe the journey I made, from feeling the odd one out, to feeling more confident in discussing strategy and innovation, from knowing 1 person in the group, to making dozens of new friends, from being a scientist to actually contemplating a venture with some fellow students! These are exciting times indeed, who knows what the future holds! This course has had influenced my life so much, and will continue to do so. It’s not rocket science, it’s elementary my dear Watson!

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