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By Bing Yan

Despite of the challenges in balancing study, work and life, I can’t wait for September.

Two weeks have passed by after our third session, it feels like yesterday when we started the program in Oxford in January this year.

The 3rd session of the Diploma in Financial Strategy in May was the advanced module for Finance, where Ken and Howard took us on a journey to explore IPO and the role of investment banks. We dived deep into the corporate finance world to understand how risk management works and close the session with corporate governance.

I got very insightful knowledge regarding IPO and investment bank. Thanks to the profound knowledge and former practical experience of the lecturers, the topics are tackled in a very fluent way, which makes it easy to understand for those who had no experience in this field. And also what the program amazed me the most is that we have so much expertise in the room, sharing each other´s cases and reflections makes the material much easier to grasp, especially for those who don’t have prior experience in IPO.

As always, our four days of each session in Oxford were loaded with tons of knowledge, and apart from that Said business school arranges during each session a formal dinner with welcome drink at various colleges, so that we can get the most out of Oxford during our stay. We had a guided tour at St Hugh´s in our first session, in March we visited Balliol college, during this session we had welcome drink in the old library of Lady Margaret Hall, followed by a lovely dinner in the Monson Room.


Dip FS student Bing Yang at the Oxford Union

Bing Yang at the Oxford Union


This time I also had the chance to visit Oxford union. It is the world´s most prestigious debating society, having held many international guests and speakers. It has been established for 189 years with the aim to promote debate and discussion across the globe. There I had the honour to meet Brian Lara, the world greatest cricket player. The Debate Chamber being filled with anticipated audience, Mr. Lara recalled the most important days of his life, when he recorded the highest individual score in 1994, and how he had to learn to deal with being famous.
It was during the Q&A session when I heard the questions raised by the students that I realized one more reason why Oxford stays the world best university. While the students elsewhere are struggling with the theories in textbooks, the Oxfordians get already exposed to the most successful and influential people on the world. These positive energy as well as wisdom of life from the speakers helps to shape a very matured view of the world, promotes inspirations that give the graduates an unique edge to grow to leaders in various fields.

I am more than grateful that I can at least make up a slice of the valuable studying experience in Oxford through this program, and I just feel happy that I applied, and that I was accepted to be one of the oxford community, to have the access to these precious resources.

On my way to Frankfurt while writing the blog, the green fields bathing in sunshine out of the window remember me of the drive from Heathrow to Oxford, and I feel overwhelmed by thinking of the busy working schedule, not yet opened notes after last session, the exam in September, the project to be submitted in January… Yet, there was no moment I regret the decision to apply for this diploma program, for all what has been told in this blog, and for more what one has to experience on his own.

Despite of the challenges in balancing study, work and life, I can´t wait for September to go back to Oxford, to see my classmates, to revisit my favourite bar and to enjoy the last session.


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