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By Shelly Mohammed

And so it begins once again…

The journey from signing up, getting accepted into Oxford, boarding the plane to meet what would become an amazing group of intelligent, accomplished, kind hearted and fun-loving group from around the world…to sitting in a room with 200 some odd Oxford students dressed in our sub fusc, sweating bullets, afraid to turn the page to see the questions on the other side for our first exam….then, a sigh of relief, boarding the plane once again, only to begin the process once again. In June we would return for our third module!

Did I say third module? Really…the time is flying so fast. At first you think that the programme is a year, you have to fly to the UK taking time out of your schedule away from your families four times for the year…you think of the difficulty, the expense, the stress involved in juggling multiple priorities…but I have to say, the friendships, the exchange of ideas, the experience, the depth of learning and understanding, the ridiculously intellectually stimulating faculty, our amazing director Mari Sako, the beautiful Oxford filled with its rich history…I can go on and on…needless to say…the experience and learning far outweighs any difficulty you face.

I have loved every minute of my time at Oxford. Thousands of dollars later, with a much smaller savings than I started with…a two year old son that I may have traumatized by leaving him to fly to another country so frequently, I have to say… I have absolutely no regrets! I don’t know where this path will lead me. I just know that I started with the intent to find a new and challenging path in my career and found much more than I ever expected. The program has exceeded my expectations. I have attended three universities from three different countries prior to attending Oxford…this is by far my favorite.

And so it begins once again…we wait with baited breath until three weeks prior to the start of our next module, for our “EXAM CASE”…your life stops in a way when you get your case…searching the web, reading everything you can, using multiple methods of study in case one fails…having numerous conference calls at odd hours of the night and morning with your cohorts, stressing out everyone around you…and finally boarding the plane once again, getting all dressed up in our sub fusc once again…to take our second exam. But first, we await our first results…YIKES!

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