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By Jo Snoeck

Where the W’s are…

I wake up in the middle of the night. “Why”? is my first thought. “What?”, is my second. And my third one is “How does not start with a W.” Do I detect some pre-exam stress?

The Why, What and How are everywhere nowadays! Especially when I sit in front of my books and notes in the evening, “Why?” keeps bouncing around in my head. Closely followed by a puzzled “What?” when I try to make sense of formal and divisional structures. And always followed by a big sigh and “How am I ever going to do this?”.

And then there is a ‘ping’ on my phone, the regular ‘ping’ of WhatsApp group messages, where someone tries to make you believe the exam has been cancelled; the Facebook page where we all eagerly await the arrival of the exam case and the Saturday study sessions, where someone always makes us jealous with a lunchtime swim. I am not alone! This is not a solo-race, it’s a journey with a group of friends. And that is why I can do this!

We’re all in the same boat. (Although some prefer to watch and cheer from the side with cheese and wine)

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