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By Mia McCarthy

Why Oxford?

My first university degree was in a completely different field to the business world I currently find myself in. With a little experience under my belt, about 6 months ago, I started thinking about my next challenge, how can I push the boundaries? How can I stretch myself and get comfortable outside of my comfort zone?

I started doing a bit of research into universities I would like to go to, I started “Googling” business schools such as Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, after a bit of research I came across the Said Business School offering a Post Graduate in Business Strategy and Innovation, I received my acceptance in December 2014.

Fast forward to February 2015 I dismount the train at Oxford University wondering what on earth I have done. My plan to live and work in Australia while splitting time travelling back and forward between Australia and the UK suddenly seemed like a crazy idea, not to mention the extra course work that would be required on top of a fairly busy work schedule.

As I walked into the illustrious Saïd Business School on Day 1 and met my class mate, my anxiety was put at ease slightly as I was comforted by the knowledge that others were wondering how they were going to fit it all in as well.

A small cohort of 62, mostly residing within the UK, attended the course – although most of the world’s continents are represented. We are introduced and quickly get down to the intense study and lesson regime that will become familiar when residing in Oxford.

Our timetables are intense, classes all day with schedules breaks to stretch and refuel. As the days push on I find myself becoming friendly with the foreign coursework (once I figured out who on earth Porter was!!). I can draw parallels between theoretical knowledge I’m learning and business experience I have gained.

I’m very excited about the Oxford experiences ahead, formal examinations in full academic dress wear, formal dinners, Boat Races, punting on the River Themes, lots of learning and making new friends dotted all around the world. So that’s why I chose Oxford, to get the full experience and walk the educational halls as other have done so for hundreds of years before me.


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