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By Eva Partleton

Will I find registration? Will I fit in? Will I enjoy it?

I cannot believe it is already the 27th of February! It seems only days ago since I left Oxford after the first module of the Diploma in Financial Strategy course. Right after the course, on the train, I was sure I would spend at least one hour a day studying – and surprisingly,  I did!

My first impressions of the course were shaped by my correspondence regarding timetables, dates etc. I had always received a reply, and shortly afterwards I was sent the e-mails with the activation code of the SSO, I could feel the whole course becoming more and more real. Having been on maternity leave for 6 months before the course, I was dreading actually using my finance brain again! But not only that, I had trillions of questions; Will I find the place? Will I find registration? Will I fit in? Will I enjoy it? Once I had arrived at the door I was greeted instantly, given a name tag and shown to the classroom. All the questions I had sort of disappeared. I felt like everyone knew what they were doing, so I laid back and concentrated on using my finance brain.

The first day was sort of an introductory day… I was really impressed by the Library session, mostly how great the Library is. The exams session simply freaked me out, but most importantly, the strategy sessions really, really, triggered my interest and switched on my long unused finance brain.

Our Prof Richard Whittington,- who is also the writer of one of the books we have used during the course – was fabtastic. I have really enjoyed all the classes as they were very interactive, thought provoking and fun, whilst still going through a huge amount of material. Both books were provided by the school but  we used the articles selected by Richard more frequently.

We had great fun with the breakout session exercises, and through these exercises we started to “bond”.

I now have around 40 more connections on LinkedIn, an operational “finance brain” and  about 2 more weeks to get ready for the exam… well, we shall see how it goes! I haven’t had an exam in …well some years.

Keep your fingers crossed!

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