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Posted by: on May 23, 2022

Exposing Truth to Expel Ignorance

The second module of the 2022 Diploma in Artificial Intelligence for Business kicked off spectacularly. A computer-generated move in game two of the famous showdown between the AI-driven AlphaGo player and the world Go champion, Lee Sedol (March 2016), shocked the fans of the 3000-year-old game. Now known as ‘move 37’, it is described as […]

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Posted by: on May 10, 2022

My diploma experience: A fantastic and magical journey

This blog will interest many executives and senior managers who, after several years of successful career progression, have the ambition to advance their knowledge, leave their comfort zone and are excited to put on their ‘student shoes’ once again.  Equally, if you are interested in artificial intelligence (AI) and eager to understand how it works […]

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Posted by: on March 18, 2022

Everything Starts with a Question

With almost three weeks and 4,000 miles between me and module one of the 2022 Executive Diploma in Artificial Intelligence for Business experience, I have been thinking a lot about our learnings and interactions. I was impressed with the international diversity of the cohort coming from 16 different countries representing both the private and public […]

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Posted by: on August 5, 2021

Bringing diploma students together

This week is a busy one for diploma programmes, with three separate modules all taking place, two for the Diploma in Strategy and Innovation, and one for the Diploma in Artificial Intelligence for Business. Although lots of students are still joining us virtually, the gradual easing of travel and quarantine restrictions means we have also seen more […]

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Posted by: on June 28, 2021

Unlocking Potential

I finally made it to Oxford! As the United Kingdom began to depart lockdown, we were able to meet with about half our class in person for a hybrid Zoomies & Roomies Module 2: The Business of Data and Machine Learning at Saïd Business School. It was truly a world-class experience – the opportunity to […]

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Posted by: on March 12, 2021

A Very Different Return to Oxford

Two things are important to know in the context of this blog. The first is that I am a lead facilitator and consultant. It is my very profession to engage with groups of people to extract information from them, or provide information to them. My work is often executed through design thinking workshops and other […]

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Posted by: on February 25, 2021

It is not just another Zoom meeting…

A week has passed since my first module at Saïd Business School. When I got accepted for the Diploma in AI for Business, I was both extremely excited and scared. I was excited to fulfil a dream of mine to study in Oxford, one that I have had since high school. I wanted to be […]

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Posted by: on February 25, 2021

What’s your question? 

Once in a while you come across a person who cracks your understanding of the world wide open.  It may be through supportive encouragement, a swift kick in the pants, or a combination of the two that force you out of your comfort zone, help you break through your own limit in thinking, and learn […]

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