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A gipsy with a laptop, is often used to describe people like me. I have a degree in Engineering, and work in the construction industry, starting as a design engineer buildings in Australia and currently a multi discipline procurement manager in South Korea, I have ended up there via project management, water, oil & gas, mining, civil infrastructure, Scotland and the USA.

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Posted by: on April 12, 2017

Oxford: the land of Pixies, Elves, Harry Potter and a Korean Restaurant

So I was off to Oxford for my first contact week, the lectures run from first thing Wednesday morning until mid-afternoon on Saturday. To make the best of my time I flew from Seoul to the UK on the preceding Saturday so that I could spend a couple of days at my Uncle and Aunt’s […]

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Posted by: on April 5, 2017

The First Steps

After I volunteered to write a blog about my experiences at the Saïd Business School, I thought “what the hell have you done”, which unsurprisingly was exactly the same thought that I had when I completed the enrolment process for the Diploma in Organisational Leadership. I intend to write a series of blog posts tracking […]

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