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By Shweta Honavar

Strategy and Innovation – Module 2

I’m late in sharing this blog on my Module 2 experience, but nevertheless here it is..

Shweta in subfusc


First things foremost…the biggest highlight when we went back for Module 2 was wearing the Sub fusc (one of those Oxford quirks) on Day 1, when we gave our Module 1 exam. We gathered at the college all decked up in our Sub fuscs, excited to take selfies and group photos before we left behind our phones, digital watches and everything digital in today’s digital world 😊 and boarded the bus for the examination hall to give our 1st exam.

Going back to an exam hall after almost 19 years  and writing continuously for 2 hours was daunting but exciting experience, which deserves a pat on the back! Everyone was relieved and in a party mood post the exams; all evenings packed with SBS organised events, dinner at Trinity College and visiting local pubs and restaurants.

Module 2 is very intense, intellectually stimulating and exciting with powerful insights and incredible ideas from Prof. Victor Seidel and Prof. Marc Ventresca on Innovation Strategy- discussions on what drives evolution of new markets, why do incumbents struggle, how do companies organise themselves for innovation,  how to imagine tomorrow and build it today -new markets, networks & intermediaries, how do platforms shift the innovation process and capabilities.  Different case studies like Netflix, Saffron Art, Lexar Media etc. give perspectives on how organisations drive innovations, exploit and explore (be ambidextrous), create new markets and new value. Prof. Marc and Prof. Victor are a great combination of fluidity and structure – one flows through a variety of concepts, examples from economics to sociology; politics to innovations and other helps to ground it and bring it all together. Last day of the module, Prof Victor started by putting up a summary of all the frameworks and models which were taught across the four days, how they are linked to driving innovation strategy and it really helped in connecting the dots. And out came all the phones to capture it….very helpful as we prepare for the M2 exams. Don’t want to steal the thunder from Prof. Victor so won’t share the details here!!

Thought provoking discussions & debates: Prof. Victor Seidel (LHS) and Prof. Marc Ventresca (standing) & Prof. Teppo Felin (sitting top right)

Thought provoking discussions & debates: Prof. Victor Seidel (LHS) and Prof. Marc Ventresca and Prof. Teppo Felin (RHS)


Shweta With Prof. Dame Ashcroft

With Prof. Dame Ashcroft



It was a great honour to hear esteemed Prof. Dame Frances Ashcroft at the Museum of the History of Science, her reflections on Innovation in scientific research and strong resemblance of key aspects for driving business innovation- Importance of having vision, courage, hard work, collaboration.






As everyone left on the last day there were promises made to start studying early on for Module 2 exams, not to make the same mistakes made post Module 1 and not repeating the rhetorical of ‘if only I had more time to prepare’ (Module 2 is vast with 25+ frameworks, so start your studies soon). The return journey from Oxford to London was equally exciting, with train to Paddington full of Oxonians, heads still buzzing with experiences of lectures and the charm of the grand dinner halls, exchanging learnings, sharing life lessons and some gossips from the last four days😊


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