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By Veroniki Zerva

MBA or Global Business Diploma Dilemma? My experience might help you decide

When I was asked by the Saïd Business School Marketing Team to share my experience on a blog, I agreed to do it without a second thought given that a similar blog a year ago moved me to start my own application. So, if you are an experienced professional who is either thirsty to learn, or looking to enhance your knowledge in the field of global business to help you with your current role or even land a different one, then you are in the right place.

For a long time, I have been searching for a suitable course to continue my executive education, so if you have found yourself asking the question ‘MBA or a Diploma in Global Business’ I would like to reassure you that I have been in your shoes. After consulting with the extremely helpful recruitment team at Saïd they will discuss your experience, future aspirations and perhaps connect you with professionals from the alumni network to understand better from their own experience the workload, funding opportunities and what are the main takeaways that helped them progress in their career. From my personal research, Saïd Business School has a USP; every business, technology, financial topic addressed has a social and political theory aspect which is great as it helps you gain a 360° knowledge.

Lecture theatre showing two presentation screens

Highlights from the class

Having said that, you might be curious to learn more about the curriculum, right? Starting with the business fundamentals such as Global Expansion strategies, then moving to the challenging Risk Management and Scenario Planning, then the tangible Corporate Diplomacy and Emerging Markets you will learn skills that will enable you to manage and lead your organization better. As a professional in the entrepreneurship and startup industry, building partnerships with large corporations and institutions, I am impressed with the well-structured educational content, the organization, the faculty and guest speakers on this course. They indeed arrive from all over the world to teach and inspire us with some of the most exciting and difficult case studies of all time. You will find yourself attending the lecture and then moving into a workshop room to work on a case study, do role plays and work within teams with your peers. The studying prior to the exams and the course days will be an enjoyable journey and you might be finding yourself asking for more.


group of four Global Business students rowing

Outdoor activities

Your cohort. Finally, this is among the most exciting parts of your experience. It consists of people you will be spending your time in and out of the class with, they come from all different walks of life and have different experiences and cultures. I am glad to have met all 48 of these incredible professionals from all over the world and for being given the opportunity to exchange ideas. We have already started building relationships, establishing collaborations and above all making new friends for life. You will find yourself always looking forward to meeting them again, learning their news and spending those productive 5 days together in Oxford enhancing your knowledge, challenging your limits, breaking down barriers and broadening your horizons.

Group photo of Global Business cohort

Creating memories with the cohort


Oxford itself as a city helps you achieve that. The idyllic city centre, the colleges and intellectual lifestyle are the perfect escape to stimulate your mind and dedicate a few days to learn, reevaluate the way you work and finally become a better professional. Please make sure you visit the colleges and study from the libraries, participate in each and every activity with your peers at Oxford and your affiliated college. Becoming an ‘Oxonian’ for a couple of days increases your chances of success and maximizes the experience. Finally, it’s the exams; you will enjoy so much sitting the exams in the traditional Sub Fusc and they definitely make you feel smarter. A top tip about the sub fusc, the colour of the carnation gets steadily darker over the course of the exam period (it starts with white, turns into pink and on the last exam it goes red).

Last but not least, I encourage you to start your application and let this beacon of knowledge light up a new future for you.

Selfie after the exams of the 2nd Module

Selfie after the exams of the 2nd Module

Global Business group photo standing outside in Oxford

The Oxford experience

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