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The Oxford Experience – DipSI Module 1

“Oxford is like a drug; people get addicted and find reasons to keep coming back.” The professor says.

The Oxford experience cannot be fully described in words alone. You have to go there to fully grasp it. The school’s values including Respect, Excellence and Collaboration truly resonates, not just within the university but through the town. In most cases the university is in the town, but with Oxford it feels as if the town is inside the university, intertwined between the 38 colleges. By Day 3 of Module 1 of the Strategy and Innovation Diploma, I’d been exposed to luminaries such as George F. R Ellis, co-author with Stephen Hawking. It was serendipitous having dinner on the same table with professors who were once class mates with past presidents or the greatest cosmologist. What does all of this have to do with Strategy and Innovation? “This is Oxford”, the professor says, “and you’ll be exposed to so many different concepts”. By the end of the week we’d gained deep insights and cross sights from Neuroscience, Philosophy, Art History and Strategy. The depth and breadth of the knowledge you get exposed to at Oxford, developed over the last millennium cannot be replicated in any other institution. Although the learning is fast paced and overwhelming at times, it is also fun. The case studies were fascinating to discuss and work through in class with accomplished cohort members from diverse industries; gaining key strategic insights from leading organisations in the process. The passion and genius in some of these strategies makes you aspire to higher goals.

Suddenly, I see the world differently. I don’t have to just read about people who disrupted and changed the world, but I can now be one of those people.

Although, I had to keep reminding myself that this is only the first module with much more still to come to crystallise the acquired knowledge and capability. I cannot wait to return for Module 2, after I get over the Sub Fusc hurdle. Sub Fusc? Well, this is why Oxford is so special with its traditions. Sub Fusc is the academic dress required when sitting examinations and for special ceremonies.


The traditional sub-fusc dress code

The Oxford experience shared with my cohort consisting of inspirational, intelligent, professional, kind, diverse, and accomplished people, each with their own histories and stories about what led them to Oxford, is truly remarkable.

Each of us travelled from various destinations across the globe to congregate at Oxford’s Business School, the melting pot of Oxford’s history and traditions. We are now not only part of Oxford University’s one thousand years history, but also each others. According to one of my cohort members, “The combined experience of the group is 1000 years, as old as Oxford University… people matter most!” – Vlad Sarca There must be something that Oxford looks for in the way they select candidates. The kindness and collaboration within the cohort has been overwhelming. Everyone seems to be competing over being the most kind and helpful. With the WhatsApp group set up to keep in touch and share information (thanks @Sajith), it seems even after we left Oxford at the weekend, we took some of Oxford with us.

The Radcliffe Camera

The Radcliffe Camera and All Souls College in Radcliffe Square.

Oxford is a beautiful town; the people are very welcoming and pleasant.

The warmth of the people overshadows the cold and wintry February, and I look forward to coming back for Module 2.

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