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By Ali Odhwani

Living the Oxford Dream

Each time that I leave Oxford and my wonderful colleagues at the Diploma in Organisational Leadership, I leave with more humility and more inspiration. More humility for being blessed with the splendid opportunity of learning in and experiencing the city of dreaming spires, and more inspiration drawn from the wisdom and stories shared by the group of extraordinary leaders that I get to stay amongst.

It seems like yesterday when I landed at London Heathrow on an unusually cold and snowy February morning. The hour long bus ride to Oxford was full of imagination, curiosity and excitement about the City and the University that I had always been fascinated with. And here I am inking this, as I wait for my flight back on an unusually hot and sunny July afternoon after completion of a captivating Module 3 – The Strategic Leader. The Module was structured with topic experts using a combination of traditional, inquiry-based and case-review teaching styles covering themes ranging from decision-making, social networks, power, persuasion and resilience. At Said Business School, apart from exploring theories and frameworks developed by renowned social and management scientists, you get a first-hand opportunity to study the extraordinary scholarly work of the professors themselves. The content becomes more enlightening as the class of vibrant leaders from various backgrounds fervently reflect on the topics, sharing their experiences and thoughts that may both support the theories and highlight the caveats.

The week became more rewarding as the class got an opportunity to listen to the mesmerizing Mathematician and Philosopher, John Lennox in an exclusive talk arranged by the Diploma management in the enchanting settings of Rhodes House.

Cheers to all the learning, the punting and rowing experiences and of course the world cup football fever shared this week.

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