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By Julian Naumann

My ‘Real’ Global Experience at Oxford

Having worked with global luxury brands for years now, I was looking for an opportunity to broaden my knowledge in business and explore what is happening outside of the industry I have been so familiar with. The complexity of conducting business on a global scale has always fascinated me. I wanted a platform to deepen my understanding on what really affects change in today’s business landscape, particularly in a time when the current world economic order is being challenged and political systems are being tested.

I found the Diploma in Global Business to be exactly this. Saïd Business School has created an engaging program that is not only topical in today’s times, but that is also challenging enough to get you thinking outside the box and question your existing notions of what is right and wrong. During our first two modules at Oxford, we were confronted with just such challenges: how can a global business serve different markets and overcome cultural differences? What implications arise for organisations due to political conditions and diverse economic realities of nations? What are the causes and implications of a risk and reputation crisis and how best to manage it?

In addition to the world-class academic quality of the faculty and lectures, it has been a privilege to be part of a cohort of highly accomplished executives from around the world. The diploma allows for a lot of interaction with each other through group work and discussions and facilitates a lot of valuable networking time with amazing people from different cultures that really adds to a wholesome experience that goes far beyond a diploma. The inspiring and dynamic group of people I have met at Oxford has the potential to fundamentally change the way businesses think and operate around the world.

The academic excellence together with the people involved is where the true value of the diploma and the Oxford experience lies. I look forward to an interesting year filled with engaging discourse and opportunities to exchange ideas freely with a fantastic faculty and an ambitious group of classmates. I believe the diploma will help pave the way to build a ‘real’ global mindset for everyone involved to take back home with them and make a difference to the business world in their own unique way.

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