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By Cesar Moukarzel

From Oxford to the World: a simple equation…

It all began after a visit to Oxford as a tourist three years ago. During this tour, I was impressed by the beauty of this city; which encompasses all its activities around its university, its colleges and all students and professors.

I was impressed by the history you feel while walking in the streets of this university, the high level of culture and the innovation and added value my presence here can bring out to my personal experience.

It is only after this visit that I thought I should be a member of the University of Oxford community, and not just a regular one!

Being of Lebanese origins with the middle-eastern (or more precisely Phoenician) background, residing in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) to manage the head office of a family business in Consulting & Awards Management, was not a perfect environment to support my ambition to joining Oxford…

Until I figured out the amazing diploma programs Saïd Business School (SBS) offers in a set of consecutive modules spread out around 14 months.

Especially that I’m passionate about strategy design and implementation, and a believer of the need of innovation in all fields…

Yes! I found the exact match of my passion and the diploma topic, which can help me organize my thoughts on strategy and innovation.

At the first module, a global community of 68 highly ranked individuals from 33 different nationalities, were sitting under one roof…just imagine the power of brilliant experiences and ideas the room was generating! Sharing success stories, faced challenges, different opinions, several points of view, etc.

This is undoubtedly one the most important added values of being part of the Oxford community…

Add to it the spirit of our cohort…all one team with one spirit, a supportive environment sharing knowledge and spreading it to all; that was also something which unfortunately you miss in your regular business days.

I would like also to highlight the high level of professionalism the admin team of the diploma deals with; in addition to the cooperation, hospitality, along with the intensity of the program to organize everything and make it as perfect as possible (take out the complexity of the IT stuff)…so a big thanks to All !

All in all, let me summarize my experience from Oxford to the World in a simple equation:

Oxford_SBS / (Oxford_Community*Oxford_History) = (Your_Passion*Your_Commitment)+(Cohort_Experience*Cohort_Spirit)

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