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By Mark Le Page


Just under a month since concluding the Oxford Diploma in Financial Strategy, there has now been time to reflect on a whirlwind thirteen months.  It hardly seems possible that this time last year I was revising hard for the strategy paper.  By the end of the course I had distinctly improved at avoiding the last-minute rush!

The project, in returning to an area of interest, brought a very satisfactory end to the course and a piece of work I could confidently present internally but with trepidation to the exacting Oxford markers!  Motivation included the frequent WhatsApp messages from classmates – we had a great class right to the end.

I have studied a lot in my career.  In my experience it is rare to find a course where over 50 per cent was relevant to daily work – here I estimate 75.

So to the Class of 2016/2017, thank you.  To the Class of 2017/2018, good luck with the strategy paper.  And to the prospective Class of 2018/2019, apply!

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