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By Natalia Schekaturova

A MUST programme for the C-level manager

I was born in the USSR, the country where it was prohibited to go abroad. Still, we had a number of schools with a focus on English language, like mine, where children were brought up on English literature, music, art, history.  I remember textbooks, devoted to the places of interest of London – pictures of Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, British Museum. England was a part of my life, though at that time I could not even dare to dream to visit it.  The word “Oxford” sounded for me like Mars or Pluto, another planet. Planet of Knowledge. Scientific Centre of the Universe.

Time went by, borders were opened, and we were allowed to travel anywhere in the world. I’ve been to most of the countries, and England, of course, but still could not dare to visit Oxford, there was something sacral in this name for me. I was scared to be disappointed, to ruin, to lose this feeling of “another planet”. I summoned up my courage, finally, and applied – it took years for me to decide.

The reality exceeded my expectations. Oxford is and will always be unique. Any good business school can give you knowledge. Just few can give you feelings. Only Oxford can give you both, if you are ready to accept it.

I would rename the programme from “Organisational Leadership” into “a MUST programme for the C-level manager”. I know a number of very smart top executives who graduated from the best world business schools 20 or even 15 years ago, and did not make further efforts to educate themselves, while I have no doubts that the world is changing so rapidly that you may forget about your education if you do not maintain it with such programmes on a regular basis – it allows you to be on the edge in the most crucial areas of business, to refresh your mind, to update your knowledge, to feel younger and reinforce your passion to business.

I believe in “it is all about people” – the phrase that becomes more important the farther you go in your career. This programme is very much focused on people – the most important issue for any top manager since “people” is the most difficult area, too often disregarded by managers. “A first class manager hires the first class manager. The 2nd class manager hires the 3rd class manager” – this is true, I can confirm it as a former executive search consultant and as a coach. And this is not only about knowledge – this is about how well-rounded a person you are, how you understand your employees, how you listen to your intuition, how globally you see the world. The final goal is not EBITDA, the final goal is to make a contribution to the people around us and to make the world better. Sounds simple, but so difficult in reality.

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