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By Lauren Durrani

Reflecting Back

Everyone in the room, starting to wrap up their laptops, folder, packing bags, rushing towards the exit doors, waving goodbyes walking out of Oxford Saïd and off to their destinations. Only when the lights turned off, is when I realised how precious these days were that shaped module 3. 

Every 6th week getting ready, packing bags, arranging travel and transits, leaving family behind and actively getting engaged in learning with cohorts through WhatsApp, Web-learn, Skype study sessions, the exam talks, last minute discussions, the guessing of exam questions. A rigorous learning aura with cohorts wearing sub-fusc, exam pressure, time limits and slight nervousness of the unknown questions sheet but after those couple of hours in exam room emerges the after exam feeling of accomplishment, the feeling that words can’t do justice to describe!! “Yes I nailed it!! Yes it’s over!!”, followed by lovely dinners and the growing attachment amongst the cohorts.

I joined the course thinking of it as a career-upgrade, as a social-status symbol, as a tool for a pay rise but what I unveiled during the course was something significantly unexpected – it wasn’t just a career upgrading tool but a personal enhancer that brought the best out of me, the potential I never realised I had. 

Professional development became my intrinsic choice, but wait, there is more into play: waking up before sunrise and walking through lush green fields to get to Green Templeton College boat house to row, yes that’s right ROWING!! It’s well said that “rowers do more before 7:00 am then most people do all day”. Michael Smets our professor fosters borderless skills through this enormous team-building activity. Something I really look forward to each module.

“Think twice over it” – a term probably we have all heard at some point in our life while making decisions. This course reinforced my brains to “think several times over it and differently each time”. The potential to think differently, the art to look at situations in a unique way, the recipe to take myself out of situations and then make the decision, the role of flexibility and adaptiveness are just a few of many instruments that I acquired and consider as my biggest achievement.

Hard to believe I am booking tickets to attend the last October module. The time has whisked by, this journey of enormous learning, skills reconfiguration, shared experiences, enriched discussions and new relationships is going to be missed.  

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