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By Ivana Nanovski

The beginning of a riveting journey…

It’s been a week now since I left Oxford and got back to my busy work schedule. It’s still hard to believe that our first module on the Oxford Diploma in Global Business has ended.

Strategy in practice

I had to write a few words as I was and I still am very much impressed by the course and the overall experience at Saïd Business School. I haven’t been studying for a while now and I have to admit I felt completely off my game. I kept on wondering am I really just sitting here and not doing any work? It was quite overwhelming but then again, this is exactly what I needed. We are all busy and constantly facing new projects and somehow we just tend to overlook the most crucial aspect of any business growth and development and that is the strategy. So, if you are looking to learn more about global strategy and different frameworks that will allow you to generate new business ideas or improve the existing operations, this is the course for you. Believe me, I gained a completely new and fresh perspective and the minute I got home I started applying this in practice and planning new business ventures.

Programme structure

We started and ended our first module with Mari, our programme director, who is to say the least inspiring – so well versed and structured and can tackle any business issue. She’s exactly what you would expect from a programme director. Generally, I think everyone was more than satisfied with the entire faculty. We had the pleasure of meeting Mike Power who led P&G’s Global Business Services operations and we had an opportunity to present our case to him. Definitely not an everyday experience, being challenged with questions and concerns we haven’t thoroughly thought about plus the fact we had to reach an agreement as a group. Having in mind that we are all coming from diverse backgrounds and have different perspectives, this was not an easy task. But I guess that being exposed to different ways of thinking and reasoning is what makes this course even more valuable.

The beginning of ‘beautiful’ friendships

I got to know 35 colleagues from all over the world, all super intelligent (goes without saying) with admirable career backgrounds. I have already learned a lot by listening to their experiences and it’s good to know that there’s more to come. Now we are looking forward to seeing each other again in April, sharing some more experiences during classes, college dinners and casual drinking at one of many Oxford’s pubs (we already have a favourite one). We have connected on different social platforms as well as created a Whatsapp group where we can share news and photos and probably some panic before our first exam. Hopefully, wearing a sub fusc – a completely new experience for most of us (if not all) – will bring some fun and excitement before stepping into the examination room.

Well, I meant to keep this short, but this is always a challenge for someone with a marketing background. So, I will just say that the programme hasn’t just fulfilled my expectations, it exceeded them by far!

I have attached here two photos as they do make everything seem more real 🙂

Group case study - Ivana Nanovski

Group case study

College dinner

College dinner

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