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By Anthony Mitchell

…That’s inspirational

For me, the Diploma of Organisational Leadership has been inspirational.  The inspiration has come from multiple sources, and, often, from places that I had not anticipated.

When you come to Oxford you expect to be inspired by brilliant minds.  And when it happens and you interact with a person whose intellect is razor sharp, it absolutely compels you to learn, dig deeper and raise your standards.

And the topic of leadership is — in and of itself — incredibly inspirational.  Learning about it at a deep level is, indeed, a privilege.  The learning definitely challenges your assumptions, broadens your perspectives and invigorates you to be the best that you can possibly be.

However, other things have also greatly energised me…

First and foremost, engaging with the other colleagues in the program.  Watching a group of diverse and talented senior executives from all parts of the globe — who’ve never met each other before — step up, throw themselves into the various activities and come together as a cohesive and highly mature team in an amazingly short period of time.  That’s inspirational.

Secondly, listening to after-dinner speakers who ask questions well beyond your comfort zone and challenge you to your very core.  That’s inspirational.

And, finally, observing the Director of the program, a top-level academic, humbly interact with everyone in the group.   You get the distinct impression that there is a ‘very genuine level of care’ about the people in the cohort, and their experience.  ‘Every single person’ is considered an important, valuable and integral part of the team (or, dare I say it, “family”).  Now, in today’s world, that’s extraordinary — and inspirational!

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