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By Bruno Frossard

A once in a life time opportunity

An intense week of hard work among an outstanding set of classmates with very challenging professors, and all of that on an unique place. That’s the summary of what module 2 on the Oxford Diploma in Global Business was to me.

As a business leader of a medium size Brazilian industrial group my goal was to challenge myself and to grow as much as possible in order to strengthen myself for the future goals of my organization and for my future steps as a business leader. All that was not simply achieved, but exceeded, going much farther than I expected, in an environment that blends the study of the best in terms of business and managerial technics, with the historical environment full of references in terms of those who have studied here and have re-shaped the world as we know.

My colleagues have demonstrated to be really bright and have come from everywhere in the world, holding prestigious positions and full of experiences from which I have been learning as much as I do during the lectures. Apart from an outstanding professional networking, I see most of them as friends for live now, and gradually our shared experiences have turned everything into a far more special experience.

The first Exam we had was as tough as we’d expected, due to the very high standards of Oxford in terms of both selecting and examining whether or not we have been reaching the standards expected from us. Grading is not simply a matter related to checking correct answers, nor to check if we did better than our fellow colleagues, but it is related to checking if we provided the best analysis compared to the historical standards of the University. And that’s tough! This definitely puts a lot of pressure on all of us, but on the end of the day creates a felling of belonging to a very selected group of people, which is certainly something very special.

The Oxford traditions are absolutely surprising and involving as well. Everything, ranging from the white rose during the first Exam, to the boat racing or to the College dinners is special and absolutely unique.

I am definitely delighted to have worked so hard to be here, and day by day I feel prouder to have been selected and to be among such a distinctive group. I really wish that this experience will allow me to grow and to leave my mark where I am, being prepared in addition to whatever challenges God will put in my way. I am working very hard, but all this effort will surely payback.


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