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By kevwe Ijatomi

Module 1 – Inspiring

I’ve just completed the first module (Strategy) of the Diploma in Financial Strategy at Oxford’s Saïd Business School (SBS). On a personal note, I currently work in finance with an EMEA remit for product planning. My motivations for applying to SBS stemmed from a desire to improve my technical skillset from a strategy perspective and develop valuation skills to accelerate my career and investments.

The strategy course module was thought provoking with a very generous helping of humor from the Strategy Professor – Richard Whittington. These were four days that I will most likely not forget in a long time. The bar for the next module has been set really high and I have a feeling this bar will be surpassed several times over the next 8 months.

The course started with an introduction to strategy and a very intense day with an overview from the course director, the library team, exams team and a crash course in mathematics (think I might have to dig out those finance textbooks from my accounting days). It ended with dinner, and I have to say I was impressed by the quality of food and snacks all through the four days.

We have an exam for this module on our return and the next few weeks will be truly challenging juggling studying, my personal life and a hectic work life. The modular nature of this program is however incredibly valuable as it gives me an immediate opportunity to put to practice the learning from this module.

The cohort was diverse in every sense of the word; I believe we had participants from every continent. Due to the practical nature of the class we had the opportunity to learn about participants experiences in industries ranging from Winery(s), to Airline Operators, Social Media, IT, Regulatory Bodies, Construction, Oil & Gas, and with several banking and finance examples. This practical nature and continuous discussions ensured there was always a different perspective in the class.

There was a conscious effort to immerse us in the culture of Oxford, which was brilliant! On the second day, we had dinner at our college – St Hugh’s and received a truly inspiring talk from the Principal – Dame Elish Angiolini. It was an informal dinner with an opportunity to learn about the rich heritage of our college and about the MCR. We all left the dinner aspiring to new heights and thinking of how we could in the future be of some benefit to this collegiate system at Oxford.

It was Nelson Mandela who said, “Education is the most powerful tool with which you can change the world”. However as I left Said Business School I left with more than education, I left with an experience, an ideology to challenge my self even further and aspire to truly make a difference.

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