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By Joanna Brogan

What happens between diploma modules?

So module 1 of my Diploma in Strategy and Innovation is over and module 2 is still seven weeks away, so what to do in the interim? Well if you are someone like me who needs a bit of added motivation to hit the books, a study group is the perfect solution. Our class has set up study groups around the world in lots of different time zones and last week, five of us who live locally came back together at the Saïd Business School –  not forgetting our South African friend joining us via Skype!

The day clearly highlighted the importance of discussion. The opportunity to debate, challenge, draw diagrams, look puzzled, share examples, and laugh, helps make the theory come alive and most importantly start to make sense!

Of course, the biggest debate was about lunch but we applied the strategic frameworks we had learned and settled on celebrating Chinese New Year by eating some very tasty dim sum.

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